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    Why Composting?

    Why composting? How often do we cook more than we can eat? Or what about the milk that has been sitting inside our refrigerator for too long? Where do you think our leftover food goes after we throw it in the trash? According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, over 40% of the food …

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    Compostable plastics: Truth or Myth?

    Compostable plastics are one type of material that is growing more popular as consumers desire eco-friendly alternatives. But will it really solve our plastic crisis? Let's learn more about this.

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    Why our current paper consumption is a problem?

    You may wonder how our paper consumption affects the environment? Let’s find out…`

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    Life-cycle of a plastic Toothbrush

    In reality, plastic toothbrushes have a much longer life than us humans. They stick around for hundreds of years.

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    Microplastics:  A Macro Problem of our daily lives

    Every liter of water that we drink, irrespective of the brand or the purifier we have at home, has around 325 microplastics in it.

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