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      4 months, 3 weeks ago

      Prana Poorna Baby kit – 5 product set – 900INR

      1. Masssage oil –
      – ingredients – cold pressed coconut oil
      uses and benefits – used as before and after bath moisturizer, very refreshing smell, a little too strong for babies under 1 year so can be diluted with normal coconut oil, makes skin glowing and smooth, prevents redness on skin, locks moisture on skin and is non sticky. Anti aging and healing properties. 100% recommended from mothers

      2. Healing baby butter(cream) –
      – ingredients – coconut oil, bee wax, and Sambrani
      uses and benefits – used to prevent diaper rash, heals dry skin during winters, calms sun burn, heals small cuts and scratches

      3. Cold balm –
      – ingredients – coconut oil, edible camphor, bee wax
      uses and benefits – unlike other cold balms it was little melted and not completely solidified, no use of paraffin and petroleum jelly, can be applied on chest and on feet, doesn’t burn the skin after application, smell is long lasting, ingredients are safe and 100% natural, best for moms who travels with their infants(can easily carry around to prevent colds and flews while traveling), saves time to make the home remedies

      4. Anti-fungal skin butter –
      – ingredients – bee wax, coconut oil, indian warmwood
      uses and benefits – • anti-fungal/ rash cream, prevents itchy irritation, heals redness, anti-septic.

      5. Sambrani dhoop –
      uses and benefits – used to substitute foul odor with its powerful aroma, Calms your Nerves, good for babies and mothers.